Vestige is a trailing image layer effect that has an automatic tracker built in. Follow a subject in your footage and create trailing effects that follow the subject. It comes with many image and elements options as well as fantastic presets and custom image possibilities.


The parameter controls is where the creativity of the effect comes to your fingertips. It is the center where you can decide how much the image is replicating and what kind of natural forces to put on those replications. You can add things like the amount of replication, the life of each, wind, gravity and more. You can even click the “Screen Fill” checkbox for a whole different type of Vestige effect! There are also sliders that stretch the emission point so that it will emit from a line instead of a single point.


This section contains library of pre-built elements for you to use as trailing tracking elements in your footage. Leaves flowing through the air, smoke trailing after a car, or a light streak effect with varying colors.


The social section gives you several social icon options that display people reacting to something on social media. There are also presets that make it look like the icons are flowing up from your mobile device.


The presets section gives you some ideas on how to configure your parameters to create trailings in various ways. Travel through space, objects rising, gravity, waterfall, and wind.


The distortion section is a fun one. This emits trails that bend and distort the footage below instead of showing an object. The glitch one is especially fin; you can make your subject glitch in and out as it travels.


There are many shapes to choose from to create abstract or corporate designs. It comes with all the controls as before so your creativity really has no limit.


This custom section comes with the major types of vestiges so you can add your own custom image or shape to create your own trailing effect.

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