Video Effects

When you’re a graphic artist, video game designer or filmmaker, you live for effects. Every time something new comes out, you want to try it. Good news: Cineflare offers more than a dozen exciting FCP plugins to kick your special effects up a notch, no matter your project.

If you use Final Cut Pro X every day at work (or for a side gig, or for fun), you’ll want to incorporate Cineflare’s plugins into your stash of favorites. Our Final Cut Pro effects plugins allow you to add and animate text and titles to give your short films the polished professional look that’s hard to achieve on your own. Using animation? We’ve got FCP plugins for that. Wanna make your graphics a little more exciting? Check out Smart Tools and our other FCPX plugins for graphics.

Also depend on our plugins for the easiest, most impressive Final Cut Pro transitions. Your fades, wipes and dissolves will never look so good until you download Shape Shifter, Smooth Transitions, Film Strip, Fader, Tunnels and our other top plugins for FCPX transitions.

Our Final Cut Pro effects plugins include:

Watch the demos and download your favorites today. We guarantee you’ll stay up all night playing with them.