FCPX Plugin Highlights: Modern Split Screens and Impact Text

Video content continues to be on an incredible rise in terms of online visibility, with the average person spending over 100 minutes per day watching videos online. If you’re a video content creator, how do you deliver your message ideally to highlight your best qualities and ensure as many people as possible are spending some chunk of their 100 minutes viewing your content?

At Cineflare, we’re here to help. We offer numerous Final Cut plugins for those working in this amazing program, from FCP transitions to several others that help you not only create great videos, but also get them in front of the right eyes. What are some ideal matching FCPX plugins you might use in coordination with one another to really highlight your videos and make them captivating? Here are several to consider.

Modern Split Screens

One fantastic plugin that comes with numerous different options is one known as Modern Split Screens. This plugin includes several different split animated screen sequences, using simple drop zones that allow you to drag and drop onto your timeline and immediately start adding clips from your media library.

Modern Split Screens allow you to control various different animations and their qualities, from the actual graphics themselves to their tint and hues, the width of the split-screen divisions, and what shows up in each panel. There are even specialized templates that have animations ready for moving containers. You have access to both Setup View and Animation Output views that will allow you various looks at the project.

In addition, Modern Split Screens come with a number of preset titles. These are meant to pair with this style of split screens in any way. And on top of all these, there’s a Custom Builder section that allows you to mix and match between existing templates and even overlay them on top of one another if needed.

Impact Text

Another great plugin match to consider here is the use of what’s called Impact Text in Final Cut Pro. This is a set of pre-animated titles that have an “impactful” feel to them, including a few basic categories:

  • Basic titles: 10 basic animated titles that allow the background to show through.
  • Big word titles: Each title has a shadow duplicate of the text you enter, which sits behind the text and interacts with it in various ways.
  • Solid background titles: Titles work the same as those in the basic section, but with a colored background that can be customized.
  • Alpha titles: Titles with a colored background, but which show underlying clips through the titles.

Impact Text plugins will also contain a couple other sections, including the impact elements and an effects/backgrounds section.

For more on the best plugin combinations for making your video content engaging and as visible as possible, or to learn about any of our Final Cut Pro plugins or effect services, speak to the pros at Cineflare today.



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