Video Animation

If you’re animating movies, videos, video games, commercials, training videos or any type of film — long or short — Cineflare’s video animation tools will give you the professional results you’re looking for when you’re using Final Cut Pro.

As an artist, you may think of the video you’re working on as raw material. Cineflare’s Final Cut Pro X plugins help you turn that raw material into a masterpiece.

Today’s animation is light years ahead of the animation common only a few years ago. Animation changes quickly and improves drastically, and to remain competitive, you have to keep up.

Cineflare offers seven amazing FCP plugins for animation:


Get access to a stocked library of options to animate your titles and make them pop, bounce, float, zoom, rotate, scoot, shift, slide and more. Useful for many types of films, our Final Cut Pro titles plugin is indispensable for creators of teaching and training videos, videographers documenting events such as wedding and bar/bat mitzvahs, and for advertising purposes such as commercials.

Shape Shifter

Make cuts that are compelling rather than ordinary by creating spectacular fades, cross dissolves and wipes with our FCP transitions plugin. Use one or more of our 30 pre-loaded shapes or add your own shapes.

Object Animator

Bring your objects to life with this FCP plugin that helps you with bouncing, floating, blurring, dollying in and out and creating loops for continuous animations. This plugin gives you more control and allows you to easily change the timing and adjust anchor points.

Modern Split Screens

This FCPX plugin helps you make your animations pop. Use split screens for transitions, sequencing or special effects. Adjust background color, perspective and widths of divisions.

Impact Text

Make a bigger impact with our easy-to-use Final Cut Pro X plugin for animation. You get more than 30 animated graphic elements and more than 50 titles and layering effects for hundreds of combinations.


Perfect for animators, the Vestige Final Cut Pro plugin makes it easy to add trailing images to your subjects. Choose from our stock elements or add your own. Take a look at our preset configurations for ideas.

Pop Out

Bring a sharp, realistic 3-D quality to your animations with Pop Out for Final Cut Pro X. Angle your screenshots, layer in graphics, add text sequences, choose a background and watch it all come together.