Video Graphics

When you’re creating a video, film, advertisement or another product that necessitates incorporating graphics, Cineflare’s Final Cut Pro plugins for graphics will make your job easier and the results more professional.

Sometimes you get used to using the same old tools that you’re familiar with — don’t fall into the lazy trap. Download our FCP plugins for video graphics and see how you can do your job a whole new way.

Impact Text

Designers incorporate text to inform viewers, but you have to make them want to read it. That’s what this FCP plugin is for — create hundreds of combos for layering text onto your video.


Everyone thinks they can be a vlogger these days, but not all vlogs are created equal Find out how to stand out from the crowd and make your vlog amazing with our FCP plugin for graphics.


This FCP plugin is a critical tool for vloggers, allowing you to leave trailing images behind all the places you’ve been.

Retro Type

Every year, more things become retro — highlight them the right way with our Final Cut plugin. Get access to hundreds of titles and backgrounds with autotrack capability.

Shout Out

Quickly and easily highlight people, places or things with this handy FCPX plugin that makes it easy to give a quick shout-out.

Smart Tools

Used by tutorial creators everywhere, this FCP plugin allows you to easily add labels and pointers and call attention to text and images.

Get more graphic today by downloading Cineflare’s Final Cut Pro X plugins for graphics.