Video Transitions

Smooth — or impactful — transitions are what separates the amateurs from the professionals in the world of video and filmmaking. Depending on your skill level, experience and the software you’re using, your transitions may not look as good as you’d hoped. Worse, it may have taken you countless hours to achieve your lackluster transitions. Save time and download Cineflare’s plugins for Final Cut Pro transitions. You’ll quickly see how easy it is to make dynamic transitions that look Hollywood-worthy.

Our FCP transitions plugins include:

Shape Shifter

This FCPX plugin comes with 30 preloaded shapes (or add your own!) to aid in your creation of more exciting transitions.


Built with YouTubers in mind, /Vlogger allows you to layer seamless transitions and automatically put reminders onscreen to “like.”

Film Strip

An FCP plugin standby, Film Strip now has more transitions than ever before, and you can layer, mix and match for infinite combos.

Hand Held

This FCPX plugin helps you mimic the look of a hand-held camera, allowing you to zoom in and out, shift focus and autotrack your subjects

Smooth Transitions

Create transitions exponentially more impressive than before you downloaded this FCP plugin that spins, blurs, zooms and twists viewers from one scene to the next.


This FCPX plugin allows you to stretch your footage from one scene to the next rather than overlapping it, making a once-laborious transition chore quick and easy.


There’s so much more to fading than simply appearing or disappearing images slowly. Choose direction, method, speed and more with this plugin for Final Cut Pro transitions.


Control depth, push, pull, layer, slide and create amazing effects with this plugin for Final Cut Pro transitions.

Cine Transitions

The name says it all — this plugin is 100% dedicated to Final Cut Pro transitions, allowing you to create more than 100 unique transitions.