Text Warp is a set to titles that combine warping effect sin a unique way. You can choose to stretch vertically or horizontally up to seven individual characters in a string of up to 20 characters. It also comes with many presets with additional easy to warp your text!


In the published parameters of each title, you can scroll to the bottom and see that you have the ability to stretch individual characters. You can choose up to seven characters in a twenty character string. Simply adjust the position slider to choose which character to affect, then choose your warping options. You can stretch them either horizontally, vertically or both. You can also choose for them to shrink in with the animation or grow in. Click the “Height Flip” checkbox and the vertical stretch goes the other direction.


The parameters allow you to adjust colors, outlines, and unique drop shadow effects for some titles. You can also adjust the animations of each unique category of Text Warp.


Each preset allows you to adjust the animation duration (and sometimes intensity) of the incoming animations, the continuous animations, the camera animations, and the character warping animations. Continuous animations have to do with the amount of an animations that continues throughout the entirety of the title. The incoming animation is the animations that plays at the beginning of the title but can be extended longer. In the camera animation section, you can adjust the beginning and ending positions of each camera angle. Finally, The warp animations warp individual characters horizontally and vertically and either shrinking in or growing out. Each animation’s duration can also be adjusted.


The presets for Text Warp include the following: Kerning, Warped, Rotations, Continuous, and 3D Sequences.


You can customize the colors, style, and font of each title in Text Warp to come up with nearly endless possibilities. Adjust the 3D styles and animations as well to come up with your unique “Warp” title that can be used in a myriad of situations.

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