Yes, Cine Text is the first of many animated title packages coming from Cineflare. Add the look of professional, animated text titles to quickly add life to your text. Cine Text comes with 20 different custom-made animated titles for FCPX. Not only can you create quick titles, but each title comes with a quick-choose drop down menu so that you can easily choose one of six various screen positions.

Cine Text comes with a variety of animated titles. We have included some very useful animations with a good mix of both creative and professional. Quickly add life to an animated presentation. Create movie-like intro and outro sequences. Stack and combine titles for endless possibilities.

Upon looking at the parameter controls of each title animation in Cine Text, you will see many useful controls. First you will see Build In and Build Out check boxes. This allows you to allow the incoming and outgoing animation of each title. You can choose to turn either of these or both off. As an alternative, if you turn the Build Out option off for example, you can still use the fade controls to fade the title animation out rather than using the out going animation effect.

The remaining controls allow you to change the font face, size, opacity, color, and positions.

There is a very useful tool in each title called “Position Type”. This allows you to quickly change the positions of your titles without having to manually re-position your text each time. The following positions are available in the drop down menu: Title Left, Title Center, Title Right, Lower 3rd Left, Lower 3rd Center, Lower 3rd Right. You can, of course, fine tune the positions with parameter controls if you wish to further change the position of your titles.

Some of the animated titles in Cine Text allow you to change the direction from where it’s coming in and where it’s going out of frame. You can easily choose each option to make the exact combination you’d like. For example, in the Overshoot title, you can have it come in from the left and go out to the right…or come in from the right and go out to the left…etc.

By stacking and offsetting a combination of titles, you can create the perfect sequence of various animations coming on the screen at any given time. You can also turn on and off the subtitles if you want to create a bunch of incoming and outgoing title effects. The possibilities are endless!

Cine Text is located in the Titles browser of Final Cut Pro X. Just drag and drop a chosen title onto your timeline and you’re ready to go. Choose your font and adjust the parameters to your liking.

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