CineTransitions is a set of over 100 professional and creative transitions built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

Newest features of CineTransitions 2.0 include 32 layer transitions that not only add extra transitions, but gives the user a whole new and unique tool to be able to transition everything below the placed title layers.

Deflections. These transitions are a very creative effect that create a choppy mess with specific shapes that are duplicated and flash in and out during the transition.

Distortions. These include some creative time effects and pixilations along with a cool Spot Zoom effect.

Mattes. Several door closing style matte transitions are in this section transitioning to black and then back again. The user can also use a custom color.

Scroll Elements. Kind of like scrolling from one picture to the next, this section gives several options for scrolling in all directions.w

Features of CineTransitions include many useful, professional, and creative transitions that will take your video production to the next level. Some of the transitions are easy drag and drop transitions. Some have a few added parameter controls so you can further tweak your transitions and create several variations of each transition.

Angles. Choose from 8 various angle transitions that angle the previous frame out and bring the next one in. Our favorite are the clockwise and counter clockwise turning angles.

Before and After. These transitions are great for someone who wants to show a before and after effect in their video project. There is a divider bar that moves across the frame revealing the next film clip. Choose a bar width of zero or up to 90 pixels wide.

Cubes. Cubes has many presets to choose from. It takes your clips, and depending on which preset you choose, turns your clip into a cube, or several cubes, and animates them around to reveal the next clip. There are over 30 extensive choices to choose from.

Distortion. There are 10 different distortion transitions to choose from and each one has an adjustable parameter to create several variations of each separate transition.

Old School. This is an effect that inspires the old wipe transitions that was made popular in the Star Wars films and is still used today for that classes, feathered edge, reveal and wipe transition.

Pump It. This was inspired by the many music videos in today’s modern work of quick-paced and creative video editing. It has some simple pulsating transitions that give you the feel of a bass thump distorting the frame with music. Then you have several transitions that split the screen up in several spices, then fan them out as the next clip comes sliding in. This is the set of transitions that inspired Cineflare to create a great package called CineTransitions.

Scene Pusher. Finally, There are 16 various transitions in this category. Push your first clip away with the next clip coming in, divided by a bar that can be adjusted. Tap is a fun effect with the first clip tapping in on the second clip eventually pushing it out of the way.

We are sure every filmmaker and video editor will find CineTransitions highly useful and creative for any project they are working on.

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