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BASIC INSTRUCTIONS In many options of the various choices of KineticText, you have four controls that will affect the whole of the title: Resize All, X Offset, Y Offset, and Rotation. Adjust any of these, and it adjusts the entire group as a whole. This is useful for resizing,...

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LENS WHACK FOR FCPX It’s called “Lens Whacking“. Over the years indie filmmakers came up with a way to make incredible optical lighting artifacts inside the camera by removing the lens while shooting, then hovering it over the sensor to allow light to come in, thus creating an on-the-fly...

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DETAILER FOR FCPX Detailer is a tool for Final Cut Pro X that allows you to add detail, texture, color variations, and specific looks to enhance the look and color of your footage. It highlights the popular “old film” or “hipster” look for a timeless harsh, film-like look and...

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SCREENS FOR FCPX Screens is a great tool that lets you take any content like Graphics, Web Content, Software Demos, or Videos and place them in a realistic computer screen to tablet so you can show off your content in a new and exciting way. ADD ANY CONTENT TO...

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TITLE FLAIR FOR FCPX Title Flair is a set of 20 title effects for Final Cut Pro X that have various shape backgrounds which you can control parameters such as animations style and background shapes that give your titles an extra “flair”. EASY PRESETS Place Title Flair over your...

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VIEWFINDER FOR FCPX Viewfinder for FCPX gives you a set of over 50 adjustment layers of effects, focusing screens, authentic camera viewfinders, mobile skins, and display screens that allow your footage to be seen through the lens of a viewfinder. Some great customizations come with this product so you...

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SMOOTH FOR FCPX Smooth is a unique set of over 30 various smooth flowing transitions that ease your footage in and out. However, we have taken a angle on these transitions and built them out as title layers! This means you can easily create transitions without the need of...

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ELASTIC FOR FCPX Elastic is a unique set of over 90 various elastic transitions that ease your footage in and out. Elastic belongs to our series of Title Layer Transitions! This means you can easily create transitions without the need of overlapping footage from one clip to the next....

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SHOUT OUT FOR FCPX Shout Out is an incredible, modularly designed callout product for Final Cut Pro X. By modular, we mean that many of the elements you usually see with callout products are separated out to be their own individual layer with their own individual animations. This gives...

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FADER FOR FCPX Fader is a handy tool that allows you to create quick, consistent fades for several clips on your timeline. There are several varying categories to chose from including a basic fade, dip to color, umbra, darken, matte, ghost, and blur fades. Create fast fade effects that...

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