split screen fcp effect

Modern Split Screens $49

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fcp glitch effect

Glitch $0

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impact fcp transitions

Impact Text $49

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vlogger poster


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easy outline final cut plugin

Easy Outline $0

  EASY OUTLINE A simple tool for every-day use!  

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fcp smart tools


  SMART TOOLS Smart Tools is a great, all encompassing, modern toolkit for the every-day editor. It comes with common need tools like Adjustment Layers, Titles, and YouTube tools as well as some really great creative tools like the Center Lock and Flare Generator tool. Watch the trailer below....

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retro type plugin

Retro Type $69

  RETRO TYPE Easy-to-use, complete, robust..the anthology of animated retro titles. Watch the trailer below. $69         TITLES 100 New Wave, Retro, and Vintage animated titles.     BACKGROUNDS Combine them with any of Retro Type’s titles.     AUTO-TRACKING You can make any title follow...

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film strip effect

Film Strip $59

      FILM STRIP 2.0 Film strip effects and transitions keyed from real projectors plus…so many more templates and effects!. Watch the trailer below. $59         EFFECTS Film Damage, CRT screen, Textures, Old Color and more.       SLIDES simple slides, slides with backgrounds,...

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3d animation fcp plugin

3D Objects $0

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Cine Text $59

  CINE TEXT Film and TV show animate titles. Watch the trailer below. $59         CINE TEXT 2.0 20 brand new animates title templates.     EASY TO USE Just drag and drop onto your timeline.     20 NEW TITLES exciting new titles with a...

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