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Spotlight Help

SPOTLIGHT FOR FINAL CUT PRO Spotlight creatively enhances the way you bring attention to something in your video. It comes with some amazing animated templates, lower thirds, titles, and extra animated elements! You can give something that extra edge if you want to highlight or call it out in...

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Raising YouTube Profile: Engagement, Partnerships, Monetization

In part one of this two-part series, we went over a few basic themes we often recommend to clients when it comes to succeeding on YouTube. This is likely the single largest and most important video platform out there for those who create video work, and there are several...

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Raising YouTube Profile: Branding and Organization Themes for Video

There are many common uses of programs like Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X, and one of the most popular today is among videographers who post their work to YouTube. This platform allows for incredible scaling and view numbers for those who can generate quality video regularly,...

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