VLOGGER A complete toolkit for YouTube creators.


Vlogger, for Final Cut Pro X, comes with several backgrounds that you can quickly drag and drop over footage to spice up your backgrounds.


Choose a creative opener to introduce your YouTube channel. These are remade and ready to go…just change the text and colors to your liking.


Vlogger contains 16 pre-made and animated like and subscribe elements. Just drag and drop over your footage to encourage your viewers to like and subscribe to your video and channel.


Choose a great range of 18 animated elements that will remind your YouTube viewers to like, subscribe, and get reminders. Full color control and easy on-screen controls to move the elements around and resize.


Vlogger has some great end screens to choose from. All of these are animated and ready to go. One of the great tools inside the end screens is being able to view the content area that YouTube allows you to work in. Toggle on and off the “Content Area” checkbox. You can then move around all the elements and be able to see where to place them in relationship to where YouTube allows them to be placed.


Easily place one of  Vlogger’s title transitions in the Reveal Overlay area. These are simple but impactful transitions that allow a nice reveal transition from one scene to another.


Finally, Vlogger comes with many Facecam containers that can be found in the Effects browser. Just drag and drop a Facecam effect onto some footage and instantly create a face cam box for your footage. This is great for when you are reviewing something and you want your viewers to see both your face and what you are reviewing at the same time.

VLOGGER A complete toolkit for YouTube creators.