Shout Out     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

Modern Callouts for the Modern Editor

$59 ONLY


Shout Out is an incredible, modularly designed callout product for Final Cut Pro X. By modular, we mean that many of the elements you usually see with callout products are separated out to be their own individual layer with their own individual animations. This gives you the power to layer and mix and match as you wish. This way, you can replace certain elements without having to replace others if you change your mind. It also allows you more combinations and possibilities to maximum number and creativity while allowing you to control timing easier!

Use the on screen controls (OSC) to rotate, scale, and reposition the object. You may also easily keyframe certain OSCs to be able to track or follow an object.

The lines in the “Pointers” category allows you to keyframe the ending node so that it can appear to follow a subject while the rest remains stationary.

Shout Out; an animated call out tool for a new generation..


The titles section come with 36 various titles. In most of them, you can control the format (left, center, right), the animation type, and colors. Choose to turn on and off the in animation and out animation by choosing the “X” in the animation dropdown option. Scale, rotate, and reposition by using the OSCs.


The focus tools are a way to hone in on a specific area of your timeline to draw attention to it. It draws a shape line around a certain area and blurs out the background. You can also choose it to go black and white and add an overlay color. These can also be turned off or on. You can animated the shape and follow an object by using the “Keyframe” feature in the controls. Turn on and off the in and out animations by using the checkboxes in the parameters section.


You can use a pointer to animate on a line which has beginning and ending nodes. There is a drop down to allow you to change the node shape as well. Animate the ending node to show it following an object. You can also change the line type to a solid, dashed line, and dotted line.


Elements are shapes that simply act as highlights. It’s creative way to call out a section of the screen.


You can place an impact shape on your footage to imply that some kind of force has hit another surface. You can also get creative with showing a mouse clicking on a screen when you are demoing software.


The motion elements are also ways to highlight areas or objects on the timeline so that the viewers attention is brought to it.


Place a bullet anywhere on your timeline to bring attention to a text box or any other section in your project.


We have added some traditional labels and also some more modern labels which you can place to label things in your footage.


Choose from several varying measuring lines to indicate the length of objects on your timeline. You can change the number value by typing in a specific value under “Number” in the parameters. Choose a decimal count, unit of measuring, and also the line type. You can even change the direction of the line animation.


The arrows are some simple pointers that can point out anything on your timeline.


Stack and combine any of the categories of Shout Out for an optimally creative call out project. There are so many combinations that will give you complete control over your creativity.