Motion Blur   made exclusively for Final Cut Pro on Apple and Intel CPUs

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Final Cut Pro doesn’t come with the native ability to allow for motion blur with animated titles, effects, or even high shutter angle footage. Yeah, kinda counter productive, right? That’s where we come in! With our easy-to-use product called (partly titled) Motion Blur, you can now add correct motion blur to any animation on the timeline.


Most film cameras are set at a 180° shutter angle. This is the setting that has become a film standard and give you the best results for motion bur. But who are we to say what you should set your shutter angle at? So, we have provided you with 12 templates that have a 180° shutter angle as well as 12 presets that have a 360° shutter angle! The higher the shutter angle, the longer the trail of motion blur.


We have provided you with a range of motion blur samples that start at 4, then go up to 48 in 4-step increments. Keep in mind that the higher sample rate you use, the longer it will take to render. For slower animations, a lower number of samples with provide you with a good motion blur. However, the faster the animation, the higher the number of samples is required in order to get a believable motion blur.


We have provided you with motion blur templates in both the Effects browser AND the Titles browser. This gives you the versatility of adding a single effect to any motion on your timeline, but also the freedom of adding a “Title Layer” over your footage so that it will affect everything on your timeline at once saving you more time in editing.