Modern Split Screens     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

Stand out from all the other split-screen videos. Fast and easy.

$39 ONLY


Modern Split Screens comes with several, ready-to-go split animated screen sequences that use drop zones to populate the clips. Just drag and drop onto your timeline and start adding clips from your media library to the drop zones.


The presets come ready to go with some great animated sequences. They also give you control over the in and out animations, tint over the clips if so desired, and widths of the split screen divisions. Also use the pan and scale controls in the drop zones for fine tuning of what you want to see in the portion of the split screens. Some templates also have a special animations section for moving containers.


Some of the split screens have animated sequences so you won’t necessarily see all the clips at the beginning of the sequence. You can use the dropdown option in “Output Mode” and choose Setup View to see all the clips you are choosing at once…then toggle back to the Animation Output.


In the section called “Custom Builder” you can mix and match (and stack) the split screen options to create your own split screen sequences. The sky is the limit, really! Choose a base, then add any number of overlays for a beautifully crafted sequence of your own creation. When stacking layers, please make sure. You always match the “Widths” slider to the same numbers so that the slit screen spaces are all the same. NOTE: Because of the way Overlays 17-24 are made, use the background color layer to give everything below it a different background color.


Modern Split Screens come with several titles that go great with this style of split screens.


This section comes with some great animated presets that you place over the desired section in your timeline, and it change the camera perspective. You have full control over the begin and end animations for unlimited modifications and possibilities.