Impact Text     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs


Impact Text is a great set of pre-animated titles that have a quick, hard hitting “impact” feel. They also include some great animated impact-styled graphic animations.


Impact Text has four categories; Basic Titles, Solid Background Titles, Big Word Titles, and Alpha Titles. Each title can be combined with an interactive background and an impactful graphic animation. The user can also change the styles to include the colors of the elements and resizing. Each category of each Impact Text title include the same animations and graphics to be able to apply.


The Basic Titles category is made up of 10 basic animated titles that allow the background to show through. You can check the “Animate Background Title” for a cool background interaction with the animation of the title. There are 10 basic animations but they can be varied to create an opposite animation. For example; the horizontal traveling animation can be reversed simply by moving the “Animation Travel” slider from one end to the other. This gives you 20 different animation for each category.


The titles in this section act the same as the titles in the basic section only they have a colored background that can be customized by color. This gives you title a basic yet professional feel.


In this section, each title comes with a shadow-type duplicate of the text you enter which sits behind the text and interacts with the clips below it. The style can be changes in several ways; blend mode, size, and opacity. Change the size and placement for a unique, customized feel.


These titles have a colored background but show the underlying clips through the titles and have the same animations and functions as all the other titles.


This section offers the same elements that are included in the titles so you can add extra elements wherever you want.


Finally, in this section you can choose some great effect overlays and backgrounds to use under your Impact Text titles.