Horizon Fixer     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

Fix a moving horizon over time.

$49 ONLY


We’ve all done it, right? You set up your shot to do a wide pan with your tripod, you line up the horizon nice and straight, but by the time you get to the end everything has changed and the horizon is crooked again! With Horizon Fixer you can quickly and easily set a start and end horizon line without ever having to set a single key frame.


Horizon Fixer was designed to allow the user to quickly and easily adjust a horizon that changes throughout the length of the clip. For whatever reason, if your horizon starts and ends in a different place, Horizon Fixer lets you set a start and end horizon line and the plugin animates it for you without having to set key frames. You can even set the animation offset for the start and end to delay the horizon movement.


In the parameter controls, the first thing you will see is the “Show Affected Frames” checkbox. Clicking this toggles on and off the exact frames that will be affected by the horizon sliders once you start setting them. When you adjust the start and end offsets, you will see how this graphic will disappear from the front and end depending on how far you set the sliders. Wherever the graphic is visible, is the area of your footage where the horizon line will begin animating.


If you have a clip that has a changing horizon line over the entire length of the clip, you can put your cursor at the beginning and ending of the clip and set the appropriate angles. If your footage doesn’t start panning until a second or two into the clip, then you can set the start and end offsets to where the camera starts panning. This features holds the animation until that point where you have set the offset. Same goes for the ending if the camera stops panning before the end of the clip. Toggle on and off the “Show Affected Frames” graphic to see the area of your clip that will get affected by the moving horizon animation. The “Movement Ease” slider allows you to set the ease amount to the movement if you desire.

There are two types of guides that you can toggle on and off. The first is a horizontal and vertical line. You can move both of these lines to match them with a horizontal and vertical subject in your footage to better help you align the horizon. The grid guide shows a grid across your footage if you prefer using a grid.