Hand Held     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

Add a natural hand-held look as well as instant zooms and finding focus effects.

$69 ONLY


With the advent of higher resolution cameras, now more than ever, we have the ability to get super clean, crisp images and manipulate them in post production to include cropping, zooming, and scaling without losing image quality. Why not take advantage of that? Don’t “bake-in” your effects in-camera…do it after in post production and have complete control!


Hand Held now comes with a new section of auto-tracking presets. This allows you to track a subject in your footage, zoom in, and follow that subject around the frame. Use the built-in tracker to choose a subject to track and then make the adjustments in the parameters section for how much to zoom in. Instructions can be found under a “Tips” icon in the parameter windows.


Hand Held has a great library of title layer elements. It includes a section of tools that can be used to simulate a hand held camera, as well as some tools you can use to create your own customized lens animations. It also has many additions to the finding focus and zoom presets. A brand new addition to version 3 is a zoom and search section. This is a tool that allows you to choose between one and two zoom points and it simulates a camera lens zooming in, then searching around fo it’s subject. Finally, we have included whip pan effects you can use to transition or simply a film skip type affect anywhere along your timeline. Stack any of these elements fo many many more combinations. Also, change the duration of each title layer for longer or shorter durations and variety.


Hand Held for FCPX mimics all the moves that you could ever want of a hand-held camera. Take clean, locked-down footage and add a subtle or intense hand-held effect, whip pan, lens focusing and zooms, bumps and jitters, and even a zoom and search effect.

The tools section comes with 2 different hand-held effects. Drift is a subtle hand-held effect that drifts slowly.

The main Hand Held effect is where the real magic comes in. You can change the parameters for a subtle or fairly intense hand-held look. Change up the amount of hand-held variation as well as the speed of the movement. This effects adds a very natural hand-held look.

The focus, Zoom, and zoom and focus tools allows you to animate your own focusing and zooming effects with key frames.


The Lens Movements of Hand Held are some really fun effects to play with. Created as Titles so you can lay it over your footage and move it around, you have 16 presets that allow you to quickly add and create focus finding variations and zoom movements that give your footage a sense of realism. Stack them for even more variations.


The zoom section also comes with 16 presets of varying zoom in and out animations. These can also be quickly applied and stacked for many variations of zooming effects. You also have control of the zoom amount intensity.


Zoom search is a great, brand new addition to the Hand Held family of tools. It allows you to choose points in the frame where it creates an animation similar to zooming in, then search several places for a subject.


There are 4 whip pans transitions. You get a left and right whip pan that mimics the whip pan of both a film camera and DSLR camera. These can also be found in the transitions section of FCPX if you prefer to use an actual transition.