Film Strip     made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

A big collection of film and filmstrip effects and animations.

$59 ONLY


NEW IN 2.0

Film Strip 2.0 has been given a turbo boost. What was once a simple slide and film strip effect is now an all-inclusive film strip, slide, film reels, effects, and titles complete library. A complete set of all-new effects and transitions in both the titles area and effects area has been added to Film Strip.


In both the Effects browser and Titles browser, you can now choose a variety of base layer effects. Add Film Damage, CRT screen, Textures, Old Color and more to give your footage a specific type of look and feel.


Film Strip now has an incredible library of various slides to choose from, as well as the original styles. Choose simple slides, slides with backgrounds, film strip emulations, stock film reel emulations, and medium format style slides.


We have added many new transitions in the Titles browser to be used as layer transitions. These range form simple directional slide movements to more complex movements which mimic movements of actual slide and film projectors. There are so many possibilities AND you can layer and mix and match them for many varieties.


Titles backdrops come with titles already in them, or you can simply click a check box and make the title go away so that you can use your own titles if you wish. The backdrops are a cool way to bring in a background so you can use text for your slide shows.


The new version of Film Strip comes with a variety of great, animated titles ready for you to drag and drop onto your timeline.


You can use Film Strip in one of two ways: as effects and transitions or title layers. Title layers are a good way to keep things organized as layers so you can easily move them around and change them. No matter which way you decide to use Film Strip, keep in mind one basic principle; apply effects, slides, transitions, and titles in that order. This will keep things properly applied and looking correct. You can mix and match the order if you choose to do so for different effects and how the effects make differences in the slide and title looks.

Film Strip from CineFlare is a packed-out slides and film strip effects and transitions tool for Final Cut Pro X. And it’s not just that…it has so many options that go beyond the simple slide projector look. Film Strip 2.0 is a complete package of great film strip and projector looks and frames that can be used for any creative project.