Auto Text Box    made exclusively for  Final Cut Pro on  Apple and Intel CPUs

A variety of text boxes that automatically resize with your text.

$59 ONLY


Auto Text Box is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to quickly place a title onto your timeline, and the text box will automatically resize with the text. This saves you vast amounts of time as you don’t have to figure out dimensions, resizing, and alignment. This saves you time, money, and energy and allows you to just create rather than worrying about the technical details of a text box. Auto Text Box was designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.


When you drag and drop a title from Auto Text Box onto your timeline, simply drag the text around to place it. Then start typing your text into the text field and the elements adjust with it as you type. Use the title’s size adjust to resize the text and the text box continues to resize with it. You can also have much control over the colors, sizes, and in some cases the images that come with the presets.


You can make many adjustments to the presets that come with Auto Text Box. Change the colors, line widths and heights, fonts and images.


Each preset comes with animation slider at the bottom of the parameters section. You can control each animation by speed independently of one another. If the control is set to 0, it’s at the slowest speed available. If it’s set to 100, then the animation is disengaged.

There are over 100 presets that come with Auto Text Box. They range greatly in style, look, and feel. Use them for any style of video from corporate and professional to fun and creative. You can also stack title presets for multiple line titles.


Each preset can be customized greatly so that you can create your own look and feel. You can also use the basic designed customizing presets for a good clean starting place. Also add your own custom images to create your own signs, shapes, social icon titles, image titles and background patterns.