With the advent of higher resolution cameras, now more than ever, we have the ability to get super clean, crisp images and manipulate them in post production to include cropping, zooming, and scaling without losing image quality. Why not take advantage of that? Don’t “bake-in” your effects in-camera…do it after in post production and have complete control!

Hand Held for FCPX mimics all the moves that you could ever want of a hand-held camera. Take clean, locked-down footage and add a subtle or intense hand-held effect, whip pan, lens focusing and zooms, and even bumps and jitters.





Hand Held comes with 2 different hand-held effects. Drift is a subtle hand-held effect that drifts slowly and it allows you to generate a random seed to change up the drift effect.

The main Hand Held effect is where the real magic comes in. You can change the parameters for a subtle or fairly intense hand-held look. Change up the amount of hand-held variation as well as the speed of the movement. This effects adds a very natural hand-held look.



The Lens Movements of Hand Held are some really fun effects to play with. Created as Titles so you can lay it over your footage and move it around, you have 24 presets as well as customizable lens movement tools. Quickly add and create focus finding variations and zoom movements that give your footage a sense of realism.



There are 4 whip pans transitions. You get a left and right whip pan that mimics the whip pan of both a film camera and DSLR camera. Also change the skew of the DSLR whip pan to your liking.



Hand Held also comes with 1 camera bump and 1 constant jitter effect. Change the parameter and length of these effects for many possibilities.



Hand Held is located in the “Theme” browser because it’s made up of Effects, Transitions, and Titles. Just click on the last tab of the effects browser to locate the Theme browser and it’s located under “CineFlare Hand Held”.

Drag and drop an effect onto a clip, add transitions between two clips, and place a title effect over clips.

Please Note: Even though Hand Held uses the “Title” tool for many of its effects, it’s not an actual Title effect. Rather, you use it to drag and drop over a piece of footage and anything below it will be affected. If you wish to leave an item on the timeline unaffected, make sure you place it above the Hand Held effect on the timeline.


HandHeld Installation

1. Click the icon on the left to download and Install FxFactory to enjoy the trial version of HandHeld.


HandHeld Installation

2. Click the icon on the left to download and install Pop Out.