Fader is a handy fade-to-color tool that allows you to create quick, consistent fades for several clips on your timeline. It also allows you to create a fast fade effect that will fade multiple stacked elements at once!

Price: $29




Drag and drop a fader effects onto the timeline and stretch it across as many clips as you want. Choose a background color, then a fade time frame amount. Slice the Fader effect at the same beginning and end points of each clip and you have a fast, easy, consistent fade in and out for each clip.




This is the absolute best use of Fader. Do you ever have several stacked elements on your timeline? Often you have a video, logo, and text going on and you’d like a fade-to-color effect to effect all of them at the same time. Add a Fader effect over that portion of your project, stretch it across the desired area, set the parameters and there ya go! Everything below the Fader effect will fade to a color all in the same way. You no longer have to add separate fade transitions to each element and painstakingly match each one. Fader is fast and easy!




In the inspector panel under the “Title” tab, you will see the controls for Fader. You can control the fade-in and fade-out time and offset, you can change the beginning offset of those fades to make it delay if you want, and you can turn on and off the instructions fro each fade effect.




We have created Fader as a Title effect so it will be found in the Title section of the effects browser. We did this so you could easily move and stretch a fading effect around your timeline freely so you can make changes easily without messing up anything in your editing project.

Fader comes with 8 different fading tools. The first section has two tools that fade your clip according to a percentage amount: Full Clip allows a fade in or out for the entire length of the clip if you wish and Half Clip constricts the fade in and out to half the clip.

The second category caters to how long your clip is. If you have short clips then use the Fader tool that is made for shorter clips like 1 Second. If you have a clip that is 6 seconds or longer, then choose the 6 Seconds tool.