Transmorphic for FCPX

Transmorphic is a set of 60 high quality Anamorphic lens flare Transitions. These flares have been derived from our popular Anamorphics lens flare effect package specifically for Transitions. High Quality 1080P ProRes source files…shot originally on a 4K cinema camera.

Price: $49



Transmorpic Features

Transmorphic includes a set of 60 high quality Anamorphic Transitions. They were all shot using real anamorphic lenses on a 4K camera. These all have a variety of colors and movements.



Easy to Use

In FCPX you can simply drag and drop a transition between two clips. You can then control the color, brightness, and hue of the flare. The best part about these transitions is that you can stretch the flare on it’s Y axis allowing for an almost limitless variety of Anamorphic Transitions.