Tilt Shift for FCPX

Tilt Shift is not your ordinary tilt shift effect. It comes with some great unique tools such as Timelapse Simulator and Pan. Easily add a desired frames per second to your footage to create an instant timelapse feel. Not only that, but add a pan mode (any direction) and you have beautiful tile shift images with an instant auto pan that brings your miniature footage to life!

Price: $49



Tilt Shift Features

Using the easy drag and drop method inside FCPX, you can add either a circular or linear tilt shift effect to a clip. Inside that effect, you can tweak the rotation of the focus plane, both sides of the focus points, and the amount of out-of-focus on each side. You can also turn on and off the focal plan to see where your focus line is once you start rotating it. There are even on-screen control handles for easily dragging the focus plan to the desired position on the screen.



Two Unique Features of Tilt Shift

You can quickly create a miniature world with Tilt Shift. The first thing you should do is speed up your clip by at least 4x. After that (from the list of effects inside Tilt Shift), choose a Time Lapse frames per second to give your footage an instant time lapse effect. Then choose the Tilt Shift effect and adjust saturation, gamma, and focus. Finally add a pan to mimic the slow sliding and pan shots. This instantly gives your footage the miniature world look which takes hours on end to create when actually using time-lapse photography and a slow slider.