Split Screen Animator for FCPX

Split Screen Animator is a split-screen and animation tool that allows for the quickest setup possible! No longer fiddle with drop zones, rather, stack two or more clips on top of each other in the timeline, and drag and drop a split-screen effect onto each clip and add an animation to each clip. It’s that simple!

Price: $49




Split Screen Animator features many possible split screens that are readily available as presets. It also comes with two custom split-screen tools so you can craft your own “stitches”. And if that wasn’t enough, use the animation engine to add in and out animations to each clip…and the animations will all be independent of each other in both the in and the out setting.



Presets Parameter Controls

We’ve done away with using the Drop Zone for a much smoother workflow which allows for correct splits that will allow you to still edit a clip once the split screen effect has been added. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the effect onto each clip.

Once you add any of the split screen presets, you will see that you can control them with on-screen controls. Drag the control around to position it where you want, drag the pendulum around the circle to quickly adjust the rotation, and adjust the circle size to control the scale of the image. In the inspection window, you will be able to change the divider width and also control the X and Y position for further X and Y adjustments.



Custom Tools Controls

If you have the need to be creative and make your own style of split-screens, then the two custom split screen tools will come in handy. There is a basic square tool and also a diagonal tool. Just add a tool to your clip and start adjusting the crop until you have the effect you want. Do the same to all the other clips and give it some creative flair. In the diagonal custom tool, you can control the X and Y shear to any diagonal angle you want. Offset each clip with similar angles but change the scale and position to separate them. These tools allow for endless possibilities.



Animation Tool Controls

The Animation Engine is our absolute favorite thing about this product. No more time-consuming key framing just to add some movement to your split screens. Add the Animation Engine tool to each clip and you can choose from an array of various animations. As an added bonus, each in and out animation is independent one from the other. This gives you so many varieties for animating your split screens.



How to Use Split Screen Animator

1. Add two or more clips onto your timeline and stack them one above the other and make sure they are of equal time length.

2. Drag and drop an appropriate split screen onto each clip.

3. Add the animation engine to each clip and choose both an in and out animation for each clip.

4. If you desire that your clips animation in and out with different timing, you can adjust the lengths of the clips to offset the animation timing.