Spectrum is a set of 80 color grading presets and tools that include a huge array of useful tools from anything from simple color presets to many cinematic looks. Spectrum comes with 72 color grade presets and tools and a tool-kit that has 8 useful tools. You can purchase Spectrum from the Products Page anytime. Footage for this promo video provided by Dean Sherwood.

Price: $75



Cinematic Looks

Below you can see examples of the looks we have created in the Cinematic category. This is a great way to quickly add some of the more popular cinematic movie looks to your footage.



Tool Kit

One of the exciting features included with Spectrum is the Tool Kit. It comes with some essential and fun tools to enhance your developing looks: Widescreen, 3 types of Tilt-Shift effects, Levels, Sharpen, Light Bits, and Diffusion…something we haven’t seen much for FCPX.



Made Easy for FCPX

Once you have installed Spectrum, open Final Cut Pro X and navigate to the Effects tab. There you will see the 80 different tools you can use with Spectrum. Simply select your clip, then hover over each effect to preview it. Drag and drop a desired effect onto your footage.



Get Creative with Control

Spectrum has a huge array of tools and even though we have had some incredibly positive feedback from some professional colorists, Spectrum can be a final grade tool or simply a starting point.

Each tool and color grade in Spectrum has a ton of control. You can customize just one color grade preset in so many ways. Not only that, but experiment with combining a couple or several Spectrum tools to get something even more unique.