It’s called “Lens Whacking“. Over the years indie filmmakers came up with a way to make strange optical lighting artifacts inside the camera by removing the lens while shooting, then hovering it over the sensor to allow light to come in, thus creating on-the-fly light effects.

Lens Whack is a product that gives you that simulated Lens Whacking effect in post production, without you having to try to focus and film while hovering your lens over the sensor…and you don’t risk breaking anything either!

Price: $49




Lens Whack comes with 40 presets in the Basic, Leaks, Horizontal, and Vertical categories. These presets have been set up for you to give you some great ideas and starting points when choosing a Lens Whack type.

But since Lens Whack utilizes the light that’s already present in your footage, you could place the same exact preset over any two or more pieces of footage and you’ll never get the same effect. This also means that Lens Whack does not use pre-filmed overlays…it’s completely dynamic and unique to each piece of footage.




Lens Whack comes with some great controls. Effect Opacity controls the amount of the effect. Light Threshold controls the threshold between the light and dark parts of the image. Smoothness controls how smoothed out the light is over the image. Then you have your color pickers. You can choose a color for the dark parts and a color for the light parts of the effect if you want. The X and Y stretch allows you to stretch out the light and you determine how far to push it across your image. The X and Y offset allows you, to a certain degree, to place the light effect where you want.

Then you have some basic control over the image depth and saturation.




Once you have installed Lens Whack, open up FCPX and navigate to the Effects browser and locate “CF Lens Whack”. You can hover over each preset to get a live view of what it will look like. Drag and drop a desired preset over a piece of footage and start customizing the controls.