Kinetic Text is a huge collection of a wide variety of pre-animated titles that allows you to simply add your own text to create a storyline of amazing animated Kinetic Typography. Kinetic Text comes with Basic, continuous, and multi-word title options. Never before has a title product with such versatility been released for Final Cut Pro X!

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Kinetic Text comes with 40 original kinetic typography titles to choose from when deciding what style of typography will best fit your needs. There are three main categories of titles: Basic Titles, Continuous Titles, and Multi-Word Titles. There is even a third category that gives a few more options for word count in the “Multi-Word” titles.



In the Basic Title category you will find a collection of titles that have very basic animations with either one or two word titles. These are easy to use and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances.



Continuous titles are also a collection of simple kinetic typography titles. The difference with these is that they can be strung together as many times as you wish and can be made to look seamless. This allows you to add as many words to a string of kinetic titles as you wish for a long or short flowing kinetic typography sentence.



The Multi-word titles come in very useful when you want to make a more complex, animation heavy sentence. Everything (of course) is pre keyed and all you have to do is choose each word and add in your own text….saving you literally hours on end of time.



There are animation options inside each title depending on which one you use. Some come with a drop down menu that actually allows you to change the way the text comes in and out. Others have a hand-held option that interacts with the background you put it over. Then others have some interesting elements like the building skyline in the Buildings title.



Kinetic Text is easy to use inside Final Cut Pro X. Simply browse the various titles in the Titles browser, choose one you like, place it on your timeline, then add your own text to each word place holder.



Kinetic Text comes with some great extras. First you have instructions for the various types of titles. Next you have a gradient and solid background that you can easily place under any title. Finally, you have several multi-word variations for the titles that might come in handy using less words. This is a great titles animation pack that we think everyone will love!