Discoloration for FCPX

Discoloration from CineFlare is a color light damage effect that gives your footage various color-damage looks. These were made from organic still images that utilizes the different colors that come in from light flares and light reflections. These 40 presets have various light colors that spread across different parts of your image. You can even control the color hue, X and Y flip, and X and Y stretch for several hundred different variations if you choose.

Price: $49



Discoloration Parameters

This plugin comes with many different parameter controls. You have basic image control like contrast and saturation, but you also have these same controls for the effect presets separately. Plus, you have some great parameter controls that actually change the Discoloration effect enough to vary the preset like Color Hue, X and Y flip, and an X and Y effect stretch so you can push a certain part of the effect across your image.

Discoloration 1080P

Discoloration also comes with the 1080P source files so you can use them as overlays in any editing system (parameters will be limited to those inside each editing system).



The Possibilites

Just how many possible variations can you get with the 40 presets in Discoloration? Well first of all you have 40 presets, you can then flip the image both horizontally or vertically, you can also stretch one side of the image or the other across the frame if you wish, and you have a full spectrum of colors to choose with the color hue adjustment. Well, if you do the math, that’s a lot of variations possible.



The Variable Looks

Here is a look at some of the variations you can get with just one preset. Discoloration comes with a desaturated image as a default, but you can add image saturation back in as you wish.



Easy to Use in FCPX

Once you’ve installed CineFlare’s DIscoloration, you will see the effect come up in the Effects tab of Final Cut Pro X. Just drag and drop the effect onto a desired clip, then adjust the parameters and you’re done!