Cinematic Looks for FCPX

Cinematic Looks as a special compilation of one of the categories of presets found in Spectrum. It comes with 12 great cinematic looks presets that give you some incredible instant movie looks and you can also tweak the settings so you can customize each look according to your taste.

Price: $29


Cinematic Looks

Cinematic Looks Presets

There are 12 cinematic presets that give your video a great cinematic look…instantly. You can also fine-tune each preset to match your footage and exposure.


Cinematic Looks

Preset Controls

Not only do you get a great start to a great look in each preset, but you also have full control over the color tweaking, contrast, and depth of the image to fine-tune each preset to better suit each piece of footage.


Cinematic Looks can now be purchased alone for a lower price, but it is also part of our full coloring suite called Spectrum.